CEED a vision for envisioning comprehensive development





Dear Friends of the Poor,
Greetings to you ALL from CEED,

Greetings and good wishes from CEED, India, It gives us an immense pleasure of making contact with you at the moment and to get ourselves introduced. Centre for Education and Economic Development (CEED) is a non government voluntary organization which has been working for the holistic development of the poor and marginalized since its inception in the year 1998. The major thrust areas of CEED are empowering toiling women who are being distressingly exploited in terms of socio-economical, health and political aspects, abolition of child labour, prevention and combating HIV/AIDS, creating livelihood opportunities for women and youth through promoting entrepreneurial skills, conservation of environment and promoting quality education among socially deprived and backward class people. The reason why I am writing to you this time is that we need to expand our services to the more beneficiaries who are in desperate need of getting any sort of assistance and are leading hand to mouth living conditions.

Now the State of Andhra Pradesh has been divided without having its capital city for the administration and stands at the threshold of unemployment, poverty and starvation..

I make a humble appeal to you ALL your benevolent hearts to please join hands with us for stretching helping hand for ensuring COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT of the necessitous and moreover the WOMEN, CHILDREN, PEOPLE LIVING WITH DISABILITIES, DALITS and other VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES…

faithfully yours,