Successful Camp 5 March 2014

About 45 people attended  the camp, we made assessments for 6 people. 12 persons received whatever their need to restore back their disability. We gave artificial limbs and tricycles and other instruments etc; We could witness great joy on their faces that knew no bounds. Filled with hope and moral strength because of the  great help extended by MEND/MOBILITY INDIA.

We are confirmed that MEND has blessed them  with fresh lease of life further. They felt they are no unfortunate lot but equals  with others as usual carry their life in channel of society. MEND helped with transport costs for all patients… and with building up the abilities / capacity of the team there to arrange the fitting. CEED once again thanks MEND, Moblity India and Walk Foundation on behalf of all the disabled folk.

Qamar Begum (Mrs)
Coordinator CEED, AP, India