Sireesha: Story of a 6 years old girl

Sireesha with Amputated leg.


On 15th of October 2013,we visited Yashaswini Hospital a local private hospital along with Rob Buchanan of MEND. There we heard a small girl crying out of pain, as we went there to look we found Sireesha a 6 year old girl who had an Accident and got her leg amputated. She was with her father and one of her relatives when she had the accident. Her relative died in that accident and her father Darsi got both his legs fractured.



Sireesha After Grafting Surgery
Sireesha After Grafting Surgery


We found her amputated leg was Infected and we thought of helping her to get cured.We spoke to the surgeon Dr Ramana Yashaswi to plan for her grafting surgery. Sireesha’s father is a fruit vendor and her mother Soujanya is a tailor,they are financially weak to afford for the grafting surgery as they have already spent lot of money after her accident. CEED helped her family financially to get the surgery done and also helped her family to find a new home with hygienic surroundings to avoid infection.



Sireesha getting better.


After Sireesha getting better with the help of Mend,we planned to help their family to generate some income and also a proper education to the girl once she is fitted with the artificial limb. Sireesha’s mother Soujanya and her father Darshi are very much interested to start their own Business Rather working under someone. CEED helped them with small capitals to start their own business.

As Soujanya is a tailor she wanted to start tailoring business at home looking after the little girl. Darshi is been into fruit vendor business from past one year working for someone,so he wanted to start a fruit business of his own



Sireesha’s father Darsi started his fruit business selling Custard apples and Coconuts in a very busy place where people buy fruits and vegetables and he is making good profits out of his business and is very happy.





Sireesha’s mother started her tailoring business at home. CEED helped her to get a new sewing machine,she started to earn her own income which will be helpful to run her family happily.

We would like to thank MEND specially Rob who have taken a special care on Sireesha and her family.

We would like to thank Dr Ramana Yashaswi who done Sireesha’s grafting surgery and for helping her to get recovered soon.We thank you and and all for your kind support and blessings.