Assessment and Hearing aid camp in Ipuru village

Rob Buchanan


On 14 of October Rob Buchanan MEND’S Director Visited CEED,Guntur . During his visit to Guntur he visited our centers in remote villages of Guntur district and was impressed by the work we have been doing towards the needy disabled children and youth. He noticed many problems faced by the disabled children here in Guntur and suggested us how to meet their needs. He also have made a very good relation with Lions club of Guntur along with Walk Foundation.


Orientation Program


On 15 October 2013 an orientation program was held at walk foundation by our new Partner Organisation Mobility India to get the staff of CEED trained on how to identify the problems faced by the differently able. This program was also accompanied by Walk Foundation staff.Orientation program was really helpful for the staff of CEED orienting  on various disabling conditions and its interventions and Difference between impairment,disability & handicap and Types & Causes of Disability. We thank Raju and Jaya Kumar of Mobility Inida for getting our staff Trained and would also like to thank Rob Buchanan and Lions club members for participating in the meeting.



Rob speaking at the camp
Rob,Raju.Jaya kumar at the meeting.


On 16th of October 2013 an assessment and hearing aid camp was held in Ipuru village by CEED in the presence of MEND director Rob Buchanan and the staff of Mobility India Raju and Jaya kumarWe have seen many people in the village who are facing health and mobility problems.Most of them have been assessed and many of them have been given hearing aids..


Youth fitted with hearing aids


Many children and youth who are facing problems with hearing have been gifted with Hearing Aids around 10 best quality hearing aids were given among the children and youth.

We came across Four sisters and a brother who are profoundly deaf we need a better quality hearing aids for helping them to hear and also planning an income generation program. smile of a child  when he hear for the first time is priceless. We would like to thank our Audiologist Pereddy for his hard work during the camp..



Disabled Children and youth at the assessment camp.
Disabled Children and youth at the assessment camp.


Many Disabled children and youth were Identified during the Assessment camp in Ipuru village,Many of them can be corrected through surgeries and many of them need Physiotherapy regularly.We would like to thank Raju and Jaya Kumar for the assessment camp in the village and helping people to know how can they overcome their problems.Soon we are planning for the surgeries and good physiotherapy system available  for the Identified people here in Ipuru village..