Tricycle for Muthyalamma


MUTHYALAMMA of age 32, she is from Kummarapalem village,Guntur district. By birth both of her legs are affected with polio with zero power in them. She remained unmarried because of her Disability, she lost her parents who used to take care of her from her childhood, now she stays with one of her relative who take care of her food and clothes. She can not even sit on a chair, she can only move on hands by dragging her body close to ground, due to their poverty she do not have any mobility aid.

Lok with Jacob Thomas and Tiny Simon





We Thank our sponsor JULIE STAPLETON who helped Mutyalamma with a tricycle.Julie lives in NZ and Australia part of the year and UK the other part, and trains horses to behave. We also thank our sponsor and the supporter ROB BUCHANAN the director of MEND in New zealand and the management of TROPICAL HEALTH FOUNDATION of INDIA  (THFI),specially JACOB THOMAS AND TINY SIMON for helping LOK with the assembling the tricycle and its transport from Kunnamkulam, Kerala to Guntur.



Mrs qamar and Lok with Muthyalamma
Mrs qamar and Lok with Muthyalamma


With the kind support and love of our sponsors ROB BUCHANAN, JULIE and our well wishers,today Muthyalamma has a tricycle which gave her a hope that she can also lead a better life after 32 painful years. She is very happy to have a tricycle and blessed one and all who helped her in giving her a new life and a beautiful smile on her face.

Muthyalamma on her tricycle



Placing one foot in front of the other, I’ve climbed to higher lengths. Reaching beyond my own limitations, to show my inner strength. No obstacle too hard, for this warrior to overcome. I’m just a woman on a mission, to prove my disability hasn’t won….


Muthyalamma’s small business

Muthyalamma started a small business with the help of a small loan of 20,000 rupees given by our sponsor MEND. Now she earning 300 rupees a day on selling the bakery items made by her in a small shop near to her village and also she sells those food items in near by villages using her tricycle.                                                                                     She had a bank account in which she deposits her savings  every month.She is very happy for herself not depending on others for food,clothes and shelter.She had a lot confidence in her and wanted to start one more business,once she had enough savings in her account.

Mrs Qamar begum with Muthyalamma
Mrs Qamar begum with Muthyalamma


We thank our sponsers MEND,Julie stapleton,Jim hekker,Thomas Jacob,Tiny simon,THFI one and all who helped Muthyalamma with tricycle and business which were like bricks to build her strong foundation for her bright future.