Chilly Pepper Business


Chillies growing

Chilli belongs to the genus of capsicum which is native of tropical America. It was introduced into India by the Portuguese during the 16 th century. Chilli is also known as capsicum, red chilli and paprika depending on the species, variety and the manner it is used.

Chillies are herbaceous annuals grown in tropical and sub tropical climates. chillies are grown throughout the year in India. The crop is sown from July and the sowing season extends till September. Chillies need well drained soils and are mostly cultivated as a transplanted crop.


Ready for picking

Crop duration is 150-180 days depending upon the season , climate, fertility and water management. crop can be grown in the regions with rainfall between 600 to 1250 mm.

Arrival start from January and extended till may. The peak arrival period is from Feb to April.

Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh alone contributes to over 35% in area under chilli production in India.

Chillies grown in Guntur district are known world over.

The Guntur’s spot market is the biggest chilli market in Asia and prices in this market are taken as  the  benchmark  to determine export and domestic prices  on a daily basis.

These prices are greatly influenced by arrivals and on  the extent of demand in the market. In major producing areas,  arrivals  start hitting  the market in February  and  continue  until May.

Grade A

When these chillies are fully grown into red in colour they are collected and are dried under sun till they become crispy.

Then this dried chillies are graded to maintain the quality and graded as A grade and B grade.

A grade chillies are red in colour which are sold in market at good price when compared to B grade which are pale yellow in colour.

Chilly powder is made out of these dried and crispy red chillies in industries using machinery in very safest way for the people working in those industries.

Grade B

The price of the machinery used depends on the model of the machine it varies from 50,000 to 2 lakhs.

Usually these industries will be planted 20 km away to the livelihood with license given by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Grading of chillies done by disabled people and their family members to run their families…

These graded chillies are made into fine powder nearly 1 ton each day according to their grades and packed them on different brand names and are sold out in market on huge profits.

Machinery used to grind chillys in big factories

These factories give life to many people who are below poverty line to earn some money for their living.In Guntur we can find over 1 lakh  people are working in this factories.

INDIRA KRANTHI PATHAM a program by Govt of India is running the similar projects like dry fish business and dairy and milk vending for the poorest and rural people to help them to come out of their financial woes,But there are no such programs for the disabled people.

This chilly pepper business can help many disabled people and their family members to over come their difficulties  financially.