Camp in Upparapalem Guntur 1/2/13

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On February 1, 2013 CEED conducted a camp in Upparapalem village, Guntur District where we found many physically-challenged people.

The main goal of our camp was to make an initial assessment, take patient photos, collect family details and their medical history.

This village was 30 km away from Guntur so that people there do not have any mode of transportation to get some medication easily.



Physiotherapist DR Sham
Physiotherapist Dr.Sham was very helpful to us in our
camp to carry out proper assessments of patients who
were very happy to see some one who is trying to help

Srinivas lost his hand due to electric shock
Srinivas lost his hand due to electric shock

We came across many people who are suffering a lot
due to their disability. People with disabilities are likely
to have poorer health outcomes, lower educational
achievements, less participation in the economy and
higher poverty rates.

sayamma 1

Agriculture is only the main income for the people in
this village, due to low resources and water problem
they can not even gain a small revenue through

Medical camp
Medical camp

We have also provided medicines for those needing it
to overcome pains and other general difficulties.


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