Immandi has 3 missing limbs

Thanks for CEED’s support to Immandi the very cute and intelligent girl. In a day or two we will fit her with lower limbs and let you know and update with her pictures. Best Regards Mrs.QAMAR BEGUM SECRETARY Door No. 5-56-25 1st lane, Cobaldpet GUNTUR – 522002 Andhra Pradesh, India + 91 863 2329678 Direct on Mobile phone: 8019373734 9397330678

Sireesha had her limb amputated

Sireesha had an accident and had her limb amputated last year. It was both painful and traumatic for her and only now is she brave enough to have  her cast taken for her prosthesis…   Anil is the prosthetician who was trained at Mobility India in Bangalore. Thanks WALK Foundation!