Stella has 4 missing limbs

Now I am introducing this most intelligent pretty and dynamic Phocomelia girl STELLA for help.  An orphan girl in an Orphan Home whom I know since her birth who borne with out all 4 limbs and left on the road by her mother 14 years ago. Somebody on the road side brought her to this orphan home and handed over to them. I did ILIZAROV FOR her upper limb stumps and could gain some length and now she is ready for fitting upper limbs and lower limbs prosthesis.

Now she is an adolescent shy girl with all her physical needs to be addressed independently. She is very eager to have the limbs especially the upper limbs as she need to maintain personal cleanliness and for independent eating purposes .

Yu can watch her writing nicely with chin to pen type of writing and now she is 8th standard.she would like to become a teacher in the future .

Pls help her financially and technologically to give her at least a reasonably functioning upper limbs to take care of her daily routine and writing work to become a teacher to support livelihood .

Now our Immandi and Stella already became good friends. Immandi was innocently asking Stella “where is your AMMA (Mom) ? As she was having mother with her. We showed her the maid (with whom STELLA came here) and again Immandi was asking “how do you write and eat ? Stella showed her how she was writing and entered 8th std .

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